EPPA Call all the Intrested parties from private sector to public sector to support EPPA

the Makana Trust Deed the Makana Trust Deed recognized and enisage the establishment of a voluntary association called the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee (EPPC) referred to as "the founder" in trust documents, to benefit South African ex-political prisoners and their dependants in South African by improving their educational,social, health, economic and basic human needs and well being.

Such Trust was duly established to with the Makana Trust on the 12 February 1995 and has been in existence ever since acting in the interest of the ex-political prisoners, The Ex-Political Prisoners had specifically resolved to establish a juritic persona, namely Makana Trust t enable it to operate as a legal entity in order to enter alia raise funds, establish businesses, enter into management agreeements, the final authority with regard to Makana Trust was to lay in the hands of the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee.

Since the Makan Trust was established, the Ex-Political Prisoners did not adopt a formal constitution for themselves. The Ex Political Prisoners are desirous to establish the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee(EPPC) and equal desirous of adoptiing the under mentioned constitution to regulate the affairs of the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee (EPPC), we hereby resolve to adopt the under-mentioned constitution at Conference of the Ex-Politica Committe (EPPC). The Makana Trust was established to give effect to the above objective.


    There is hereby established a voluntary association (not associated with any particular party, movement, organisation, body or alliance whose objectives are wholly or mainly of a political nature, with a legal personality and perpetual succession to be known as the Ex-Political Prisoners Committee ("the Association or EPPC)

  • Objects of the Association

    - Benefit South African ex-political prisoners and their dependents in South Africa by improving thier educational, social, health and economic status and attending to their basic human needs and well-being in South African.

    - Support and promote the objectives of the Makana Trust

    - Support any other organisation whose objects are similar to those of Association.

    - Hold such other interests as the association in its absolute and sole discretion may upon forr the benefit of ex-political prisoners and their dependants.

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